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Frequently Asked Questions

Burning Questions Answered Here

Why join Rancho United Football Club?

Are you ready for the next level? City leagues and other rec programs can only advance player skill so much.  It is the combination of dedicated coaches and a higher level of competition, both internal and external that allows players to develop their skills and competitiveness. Our goal is to prepare players initially for High School soccer, then college competition, and eventually life.

How much does club soccer cost?

When thinking about cost, one must consider both the financial and time investment.  Club soccer players are expected to be committed to the sport as it is truly the only way to bring their game to the next level and to be able to compete.  Financially, players cooperate to pay for tournaments and leagues.  There is also an initial expense to purchase uniforms and gear.  We offer different payment plans that can adapt to most budgets.  Please reach out to us to discuss your specific payment plan.

What kind of training do the coaches have?

All of our coaches are certified by Cal South, the state's leading youth soccer body.  Each coach must pass Cal South's stringent coaches' training program in order to be able to coach our players. We also offer dedicated goal keeping training.

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